Standalone Antennas for Higher Reliability

Pulse offers a strong base for the volume production of internal multi-band antennas, by utilising its antenna design platforms and production technologies. The antenna platforms are rapidly customisable, according to the needs of each customer´s project. As a result, Pulse´s internal multi-band antennas provide a cost efficient and straightforward solution for a large range of mobile device projects.

Internal antennas

Internal antennas have almost entirely replaced the traditional retractable and stubby antennas. Pulse has been in a leading position in this development since the first handsets with internal antennas were launched. The company has a number of patented solutions for multi-band antennas that are suitable for different form factors.


The PIFA, in which the radiator is supported above a ground plane, has been the most popular solution due to its compact size, good electrical performance, easy adaptation for mass production and suitability for multi-band operations.

Standalone solutions

All of our innovative antenna concepts are available as a standalone solution, for example:

  • Pulse smart antennas
  • Pulse LTE antennas
  • Pulse antennas for metal cover mobile devices

The specifications for an internal antenna cannot be given directly in advance, as the performance of the antenna is highly dependent on its environment, the mobile device. The best results will be achieved by early involvement in a customer project, in which Pulse is vastly experienced.