Standalone Antenna Modules

Reductions in the thickness and volume of mobile devices boosts component integration wherever possible. In addition, an increased complexity inside the mobile device, an expanding spectrum of operating frequencies, faster data transmission rates and high audio quality make module solutions even more desired.

Enhanced Value

As a result, modular structures have become desirable solutions in mobile devices. From the point of view of an antenna manufacturer, mechanical and electrical integration allow for products and solutions which provide enhanced value for the product programs of a mobile device.

How does is work?

An example of mechanical integration is a speaker which is located inside the antenna package, which enables the optimisation of size and performance. The air gap between the radiator and the ground plane can be used as an acoustic chamber for the audio output. The volume or on-off switches can also be integrated into the same package.

Other typical examples of mechanical integration would also include the integration of the earpiece, microphone, HAC T-coil, passive matching circuits, other antennas (complementary), EM HAC solution, camera, flash, side keys and sensors on the same frame.

Top tolerance for RF performance repeatability

Electrical integration as part of the antenna means, for instance, some additional electrical functions in the same product. The antenna switch, which routes the RF-signal to the selected part of the front end, is a natural object for electrical assembly. The addition of LNA into the diversity RX antenna improves the total noise figure and sensitivity of the receiver. This also translates into the faster downloading of large data packages.

Pulse introduced the first antenna-acoustic module for handsets in 2001 and has delivered over billion modules since then. Pulse is capable of offering solutions, from single modules to large scale assemblies and always takes care of the top tolerance chain management for high RF performance repeatability.