Pulse 4G LTE Opens a New World of Connectivity

The increasing expectations for speed, bandwidth and global access by consumers is driving the evolution of wireless broadband technology. End users desire more information and entertainment through their mobile devices, but at greater speeds.

Maximum data rate

LTE provides the ability to deliver high-data rates to a variety of consumer devices, such as smartphones and tablets. And beyond that, LTE enables the adoption of new non-traditional devices, applications, and services. To achieve a maximum data rate, the current LTE standard calls for MIMO antenna technology, or the use of two separate antenna structures for the multiple transmitting and receiving of signals.

The smallest antenna platform available

Pulse LTE antennas are designed to meet future demands for world mobile devices with truly global roaming that also work seamlessly in LTE multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) networks while providing normal WCDMA, CDMA, and GSM access. The Pulse adjustable single-element antennas only require a single feed to cover multiple operating bands.

Pulse LTE antennas are built on the smallest antenna platforms available. The extremely compact sizes also include the volume for speakers and other accessories within the antenna frame structure in handset applications. When using Pulse LTE solutions, there is a significantly lower correlation between the antennas than seen in any other handset MIMO configurations. In addition, Pulse LTE antennas can be 3D fitted by using LDS manufacturing technology.

Pulse´s multi-band LTE antennas are based on Pulse´s well-known and proven antenna technology, they are readily available, are of high quality and come with the Pulse service and support services.