Quality Solutions

Pulse is known as a pioneer in the field of added value integration. When taking integration beyond conventional structural mechanics, the next step is to integrate performance critical components to the visual parts of a mobile device. When integrating antennas to visual mechanics, even the visual parts of a mobile device can perform as an antenna.

Visual parts as an antenna

Most commonly, the radiator is placed on the outer cover of a mobile device and painted over to meet a Class 1 / Class A visual requirements.

Competitive alternative

Pulse´s reliable LDS manufacturing process, with protective and cosmetic painting capabilities, is one of the most competitive alternatives for visual designs.

Extensive experience

Pulse also utilises its extensive experience in mechanically integrated antennas, when providing the most attractive custom-designs for visual mechanics. We are also able to leverage our state-of-the-art material know-how, covering a thorough understanding of the impact of material selections (e.g. paint, plastics and glass) to the RF performance. Pulse is a master of its kind when ruling the key parameters that effect RF quality.