RF Quality for the Smallest Device Volume

Pulse is placed in an active role in the antenna integration progress and was the first to introduce antenna integration to structural mechanics.

Additional integration possibilities

Antenna integration to structural mechanics enable the smallest possible mobile device volume and creates the additional integration possibilities of other electrical or electromechanical components, such as speakers, into a complete structural element.

Leading manufacturer of complex RF components.

In addition, Pulse customers consider integrated solutions to be attractive due to the possibilities to lower component counts, simplify logistics and improve the reliability and better tolerance chain management of critical components. To our understanding, these designs can also increase the structural strength of the device, which is critical in today´s ever slimmer mobile devices with large displays.

We can proudly present ourselves as a leading manufacturer of complex RF components. Pulse knows how to rule RF quality in mass production and optimise designs for the lowest total costs. Pulse has state-of-the-art volume production experience with an optimal set of testing and measurements.

Developing volume production

Integration means an increased complexity of the assembly. The new antenna structures and materials enable re-flow soldering, multi-layer component substrates and, thus, multifunctional systems as well. The basis for total antenna production flexibility are flexible and generic automated assembly lines, together with very well tested materials.

It is not enough to master the assembly of a complex product. The functionality of all of the produced and delivered products must also be ensured. Normal sample-based RF testing is not enough. The on-line testing of critical mechanical dimensions and of the integrated functions of the product are challenges which we always focus on when developing volume production.