RF Platform for Global Smartphones

Indie is the operator independent hardware platform that enables global LTE smartphones. Co-designed and optimized by EPCOS, a TDK group company, and Pulse Electronics, Indie builds on advanced EPCOS multi-feed RF front-end technology and cutting-edge antenna technology from Pulse Electronics. Indie provides a single RF platform sought by the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) operator alliance.




3-feed cellular antenna supports 16 frequency bands.


Multi-feed RF front-end serves operators worldwide with a single hardware configuration.


  • Unique RF platform for smartphones
  • Applicable globally without modifications
  • Implements key radio transmit and receive functionalities
  • Supports all the frequency bands currently deployed by major operators
  • Supports downlink inter-band carrier aggregation
  • Facilitates WLAN and LTE coexistence
  • The concept includes
    • Advanced multi-feed RF front-end with a single hardware configuration, serving operators worldwide
    • Game-changing 16 band antenna, including Japanese frequency bands in the 1.5 GHz range
  • Co-designed and optimized by EPCOS and Pulse Electronics


  • Enhanced user experience
    • Seamless, global LTE roaming
    • Better radio performance
    • Increased data download rates
    • Improved battery life
    • Fewer dropped calls
  • Smartphone ecosystem gains
    • Easy access to multiple markets
    • Solution compatible with multiple OEM designs
    • Support for network operators worldwide



Indie One Pager


Indie Slide Show

Technical Paper

Multi-feed RF front ends and cellular antennas for next-generation smartphones


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