Pulse Antennas Match with Metal Covers

Metal covers are increasingly popular in mobile devices. Slimmer devices with larger displays require strength and rigidity. Also, from environmental, industrial design and expense points of view, metal covers are very attractive. Metal covers also provide the additional benefit of heat dissipation, generated by the mobile phone´s PAs / processors.

Competetive antenna solutions

Pulse offers several competitive antenna solutions for metallic mobile device covers:

  • Capacitively Fed Antenna match with metallic surfaces
  • Metal ring antenna match with metal end caps and rings
  • NIFA / NILA antenna match with metal back covers
  • Pulse mCEMPA: All-in-One for Full Metal Chassis

Pulse mCEMPA: All-in-One for Full Metal Chassis

Technical Profile

  • Antenna solution for full metal mobile device chassis
    • Metal box construction
  • Antennas are located around the device with minimal ground clearance
    • Ground Clearance: ≈3mm (at the bottom) and ≈3.4mm (on the sides at the farthest point)
  • Antenna pattern made with LDS and covered with visual painting
  • Low band main antenna implementation
    • Case 1 824-960MHz: The bands covered with antenna + passive matching circuit
    • Case 2 704-960MHz: The low-band radiator connected to the switchable components
      • SP4T switch (at the ground pin for frequency switching)
  • High band (1.71-2.17GHz), very high band (2.3 – 2.69GHz)
    • Covered by using antenna + passive matching circuit
    • Very high band can be split into a separate feed
  • Support for LTE
    • LB MIMO and HB MIMO antennas
  • Complementary antennas
    • GPS, WLAN and NFC
  • Ready for mass production



  • Enables slim and rigid full metal handset
  • 74%-81% smaller than typical main antenna (2500mm3)
  • Multiantenna solution
  • Industrial design freedom
  • Low profile
  • Components inside the box can be placed freely without disturbance to the antenna performance / tuning
    • Shorter development time
    • Cost effectiveness
  • No variation in antenna performance as typically seen due to grounding sponges

Solution for metal covers

Metal cover solutions typically have some location on the device which is sensitive to the user´s hand. Our antenna solutions for metallic covers are carefully designed to avoid “death grip´ scenarios. Furthermore, the smart antenna technology, developed by Pulse, can detect these scenarios and adapt the antenna to get the best performance in various user cases.

The Pulse Match with Metal Antennas are 3D fitted and can be customized for all mobile devices. They are applicable for existing manufacturing technologies, such as, FluidANT, LDS and flex.

mCOMET Tunable Co-Located Metal Ring Antenna