Optimal Antenna Solutions for Appealing Mobile Devices

Pulse Wireless Consumer Division is a global leader in antennas for mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile connected devices. We have a uniquely far-reaching understanding of the antennas and RF issues of modern mobile terminals. The combining of our openness to new ideas with our extensive manufacturing capability has made us the market leader in our field.

2 billion mobile antennas delivered

We have delivered over 2 billion mobile antennas. Through our unique expertise, we are able to provide antenna solutions that allow mobile device manufacturers to realise their future product generations. Our customers include the leading manufacturers of mobile devices.

Mobile markets

The mobile market is moving rapidly toward increased complexity, as new functions are integrated into mobile devices and the overall range of device categories is expanding. In addition, both low-end and high-end devices must comply with ever-tightening operator requirements.

Understanding of the challenges

Through its unique expertise, Pulse has a thorough understanding of the challenges that the increased complexity poses on mobile antennas. The division is in a leading position to provide optimal antenna solutions for appealing mobile devices.

Pulse Wireless Consumer Division´s Businss Center and Main Manufacturing site is in Suzhou, China. Main R&D, Sales and Global Marketing is located in Finland and other service offices are in Beijjing/China, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. Pulse is committed to the best customer service possible.