Novel Evolution

In Pulse, the development of manufacturing technology has always been of major importance in enabling new designs and solutions which materialise into attractive and high performing products. LDS is no exception, and, as a result, we can offer remarkable additional benefits that are based on our own engineering capabilities.

Superior RF quality and freedom of design

An attractive example of the work that we have done is our newly introduced lasering process for LDS antenna parts, which are too long or large to fit well in standard laser machines. Our process saves as much as 30% on manufacturing, when compared with previous LDS lasering machines, making LDS antennas cost competitive alternatives for laptops, tablets, and notebooks, whilst also providing superior RF quality and freedom of design.


High RF performance 3D-shaped antennas are increasingly needed to gain ever smaller and thinner mobile devices, especially in the desired round shapes. Pulse’s efforts in manufacturing technology reinforce the translation of in-house RF and design expertise to cost-effective LDS antennas, which provide a great many benefits over other antenna solutions.

Efficient production

The development of Pulse Electronics’ new lasering concept is based on LPKF Laser & Electronics’ new Fusion 3D 1100 laser machine, which is adapted with a part handling system that is designed and manufactured by Pulse. This system is more capable of lasering long, large, or complex parts. The process has less design and dimensional limitations, yet, still meets production efficiency levels.