Part of our every day life

Wearable devices with advanced computing ability and connectivity makes users’ lives easier and more enjoyable. They have become part of our every day life both in business and at home. The number of device types and needs are growing rapidly challenging the antenna performance features as well as the design factors.

Optimum performance in limited space

  • Enabling sleek industrial design, antenna designs conforming to the design of the watch
  • Small size and light weight provide comfort to the user
  • Optimal RF performance for best user experience and long battery life
  • Custom antennas manufacturing with LDS or flex on carrier
  • Mechanical integration possible – antenna printed in watch covers with LDS

Examples of innovative Pulse concepts:

  • Metal ring concept for Watches
  • New integrations enabled by FluidAnt
  • Main antennas for Watches
  • GPS+Glonass
  • BLE Wifi
  • NFC