A Redefined Mobile Computing Experience

The way we think about mobile computing is rapidly changing. The number of device types is growing massively and the tablet form factor is gaining a remarkable market share.

Redefining mobile experience

The new breed of devices combines the best in class performance in thin, light and elegant form factors. The always-on, always-connected lifestyle also requires ultra-fast start ups, an extended battery life, responsiveness and security.

From an antenna point of view, this means performance driven integration. As a result of our careful mapping of market trends, the Pulse antenna and manufacturing technology innovations redefine the mobile computing experience.

MIMO solutions 3×3 and 2×2

Pulse solution integrates antennas in close vicinity with each other using effectively high dielectric materials and advanced manufacturing technology to increase isolation approximately 4dB. Multiple antennas closely integrated with each other enables higher data rates (>900Mbit/s) together with MIMO transceivers. All RF signal can be routed to same location; may simplify RF-signal routing.

MIMO 2×2 and MIMO 2×2 half size, using HD material same amount of antennas can now fit in half size.


MIMO 3×3, using HD materials more antennas can fit in the same size.

Examples of innovative Pulse concepts:

  • Pulse LDS for long parts
  • Cable and connector assemblies to LDS
  • Multi-antenna solutions
  • LTE / MIMO antennas
  • Adaptive antennas
  • Capacitively-fed antennas for metal covers
  • Switchable antennas for minimizing number of cables
  • Low body SAR antennas, without efficiency compromises
  • ProxAnt – Antenna Integrated Proximity Sensor
  • DenseAnt 3×3 WLAN
  • DenseAnt MINI 2×2 WLAN