Performance Meets Beauty

Smart phones with more advanced computing ability and connectivity run simultaneously several third-party applications making users lives easier and more enjoyable in business and pleasure alike.

Design without limitation

Pulse has a key role in performance and design driven antenna integration in the fastest growing mobile device segment, where end users appreciate the best in class performance and beautiful, thin devices with big displays.

We are capable of optimising antenna radiator and mechanics designs for complex multi-radio environments under all circumstances, without any limitation on industrial design. And further more, all of our solutions are industrialised for high quality mass production. We are proud to state that the carefully developed Pulse solutions truly delight smart phone users.

Our roadmaps highlight

  • High performance multi-antenna solutions
  • LTE / MIMO antennas
  • Adaptive antennas
  • NFC antennas
  • Capacitively-fed antennas for metal covers
  • An insert-mouldable multi-antenna LDS frame
  • LDS with protective or cosmetic painting
  • Fluid Single Line 3D Standalone antenna